Step Into the Sun, our latest campaign featuring the new Stuart Weitzman Espadrilles Capsule Collection, was shot by photographer and director Jennifer Massaux in Miami to reflect a fun fashion fantasy channeling summer travel and adventure. To bring this concept to life, we turned to someone for whom travel and adventure have always been a guiding force in their life: Brazilian-born, Miami-based model, style influencer, mom of two and philanthropist Isabela Rangel Grutman (@isabelagrutman). “No matter where I am in the world, I feel like I need to be surrounded by the sun, water and nature,” she tells SW Spotlight. “It always makes me so happy and energized, and helps me be more present in the moment I’m in.”

Born in the city of Belo Horizonte in Brazil, Isabela credits the sun-filled metropolis (which translates to “Beautiful Horizon”) with sparking her love of adventure. When she began modeling at the age of 14, she soon discovered the joys of traveling as well. “Travel has always been a way for me to release any stress and gather all my energy back," says the star, now 29. "When I travel, I feel energized. And when I feel energized, I feel confident."

And what the style star loves to wear most while going on her adventures — be it traveling to new locales, returning to her hometown in Brazil or discovering new places in her home base of Miami — is a pair of espadrilles, including pieces from the new Stuart Weitzman Espadrilles Capsule Collection. “I love espadrilles because they’re such a great travel shoe or everyday shoe, but I actually became a bigger fan after the photoshoot,” she says. “Now, I need to get every single pair from the collection in every single color. I’m obsessed!”

Here, get to know more about our Step Into the Sun star Isabela, as she answers questions about shooting the campaign, styling the collection, inspiring confidence and so much more.

What a beautiful campaign!
What did you enjoy most about shooting Step Into the Sun?

“It was really such a fun shoot. The amazing thing about Miami is that it’s always sunny. I love that! And I loved all the espadrille shoes. They’re all so good. I feel like I would wear them every day.”

We love the shoes, too, obviously!
Do you have any favorites from the new Stuart Weitzman Espadrilles Capsule Collection?

“I’m obsessed with them all! The DARYL ESPADRILLE SNEAKER is so summery and nice. It’s so cute and so comfortable. I would wear it from the plane to the beach to a party. It's the ultimate vacation shoe. I also love the NUDIST ESPADRILLE WEDGE in gold. I am a big fan of gold. You can wear this with anything. The gold is chic and so easy to match because it goes with everything. I also love the LILYANA because it's so easygoing and sexy. You can slip right into this and it looks like you put all the effort into making a great outfit."

Fun Fact: Did you know you were one of the first women ever to wear our best-selling MARGUERITA espadrille in black, which is a new shade that just debuted this season?

“Wow, I love that look! It is so sexy and chic. You could wear it with anything and it would elevate an outfit. I would love to wear it with a nice loose jumpsuit with shorts so you can show your legs, or with a cute dress. I feel like whatever you wear with those shoes would be an amazing outfit.”

This is inspiring us to dream about booking a trip to Miami right now!

“Right? I love traveling! It’s been really hard to travel in the past year because of everything. But, if nothing else, I think this campaign shows you the power of being in nature or near the sun and the water. I hope it inspires people, wherever they are, to be more in touch with their surroundings, even if that just means getting some fresh air, going for a walk or looking at the moon. For me, nature inspires so much energy.”

You look so confident in this collection, as you do in so many of your very popular Instagram photos. What would you say inspires your confidence?

“I think my confidence comes from staying true to myself. I think that when you’re happy with yourself it shows in every way, whether that’s in photographs or in your interactions with people around you. I truly believe that the more good energy you have, the more good energy you can put into the world.”

How did you develop this mindset?

“I grew up in Brazil, and I could never forget where I came from and my upbringing. I always try to remember my humble roots and the hard times and things that made me who I am now. That’s why I think staying true to myself is definitely a strength.”

As a mom of two young daughters, do you hope your confidence inspires your children as well?

“Absolutely. I want to be a good person, so they become good people. Maybe that’s why I overdo it on the manners with them! I feel like I want to be a good example because they are always watching. And if I show them the best of myself, that I’m a strong woman and that I’m working and confident, hopefully, they can look at me and copy that. This keeps my confidence up and their confidence up.”

This notion of inspiring confidence in children is also central to your philanthropic work with Style Saves, a nonprofit dedicated to providing students and families in underserved communities with necessities for school and more. What inspired you to become join this organization as Vice President?

“I always love to help the community, wherever I am. Style Saves is special to me because we help kids feel confident going back to school with uniforms, backpacks and more. When I joined, we were helping 500 kids. Now, we help over 8,000 kids. Anyone can support it. Simply follow @stylesaves on Instagram to learn how to donate or get involved.”

You recently turned 29. Do you have any big wishes for the last year of your twenties?

“I just hope I can travel a lot because last year I was not able to due to everything going on in the world. I am actually am going to Brazil soon to see my grandmother. I haven’t seen her in over two years and I’m dying to go see her. She got the vaccine. I can’t wait.”